The Darkest Days

Session 10: September 10

Stephen and Kate remain hidden in the Eyrie

Paul rides for adventure

Jason, Nicole, Heidi, and Erich arrive at the Amber Temple with Jack and Callista


Eighth Session: August 28

Today's PSA – If you do not see your diary entry underneath last session's Adventure Log, then I have not received it!

Seventh Session: August 6

Just a reminder that we will be off for two weeks following this session – reconvening for Amber on August 27.

We pick up this session with all of the PC's (except Reed) and several of the NPC's huddled behind the walls of Avon.  The forces of Amber (Weir and Falknovian Talons) under the command of Prince Vlad of Amber have given you until sunset to leave the city under the terms of your banishment.  Avon has been warned that their Golden Circle status is in jeopardy unless they also enforce the banishment.

And where did Reed end up?

Sixth Session -- July 30

Looks like we are a go for Sunday… so we will pick it up from where we left off:

The Moonriders have attacked Avon — Aine, Karakos, Runa, and Veronica are present in Avon with a fresh supply of troops.

Nigel and Zane are sailing the remainder of their troops to Avon through shadow.

Cedric is back in his personal shadow getting Caine medical care and drawing trumps

Adira has tracked down her friend Thomas in Kartakass

and finally, Reed is in a hidden cave 'temple' doing battle with clay golems in an attempt to arm himself appropriately for the struggle.

Session 5 - July 23
The glory that could have been....

As you all know, I had to cancel this session.  I am sorry, but after three days of baking at Scheutzenfest I REALLY needed the night off!

As compensation for the last minute cancelation, I am still counting this session towards the distribution of Stuff.

4th Session - July 16

We will continue the story with half of the PC's in shadow with Zane's army, a pair in Darkon, and a lone quester in Barovia.

Second Session - June 18

We pick up from the various locations the PC's find themselves in…

Introductory Session - June 4
Happy Birthday Queen Vialle!

The Campaign Begins!  All characters should have their own adventure logs in the form of their individual diary entries.  I will be storing these diaries in the 'Player Secret' section of the Adventure Log for each player.

Remember, diaries need to be submitted by Thursday or you suffer the (temporary?) loss of the 10 points!

If I have done this correctly, your diary entry should be visible to you below!


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