The Darkest Days

Season Finale: 2/4

Thank you all for the kind words regarding season 1 — I am sure that if nothing else, you will find season 2 a little less dark and creepy!

Please remember that the final diary entries (for everyone except Jason) are due NO LATER than Sunday 2/11.  I am sure that everyone would like to keep the 10 bonus points going into next season!

Session 24: January 28

I imagine something exciting will happen during this session — we certainly left it in an exciting place!

Erich, Jason, and Heidi are clambering down the slopes toward the cave (and possibly Wixer!)

Paul is racing down the slope following Brand (and the jewel!) towards the start of the primal pattern.  Farther up the slope, Nicole, Artemis, and Jack stand ready to intercept the 'forest spirit' Phais as she charges towards Brand.  Kate and Stephen also stand on that side of the mountain.

Down below, Vecna has seen Brand and Paul….

Session 23: January 21
3 sessions left until the break!
Session 22: January 7

Remember that there is bonus work to do over the Christmas/New Year's break!

All characters in Amber should summarize the plan to infiltrate the Palace along with their own character's personal feelings towards the plan and what they intend to do once the plan is engaged.

Reward for completing your homework will be determined soon!

Session 21: Dec 17

The Triumphant (?) Return to Amber!

Sorry again for the last minute cancellation this past weekend.  I was asleep by 9:00!  Looking forward to getting back to a regular schedule.  

For those of you who have not turned in your diary for last session (you know who you are!) I expect that to be turned in ASAP to eliminate the bad stuff penalty!

Looking at the calendar, it appears that these are the 5 remaining session dates:

* Dec 17

* Jan 7

* Jan 21

* Jan 28

* Feb 4

We will not be playing on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, or Jan 14 (I will be in Kansas visiting Jake!)

I believe things are progressing to the point where you will be successful in finishing the season on time!  In fact, there is every chance that everything goes right and you liberate Amber in January (well… I guess that we will see how that goes…)

 Now then… as is Christmas tradition, you will be gifted with a bit of information about your character.  All you have to do is send me an e mail with your understanding of the plan to infiltrate Amber (who is doing what!) as well as any specific plans you have for yourself.  In return, I will provide general information for you on your standing in ONE of the 4 stats.

(Example: if you tell me you want to know how you stand in Strength, I may tell you that out of the current generation, you are tied for the third rank!)

(Paul, since you are running a zero point character at present — you get your Holiday Gift for free!  just let mew know what stat you want info on!)


Session 18: Nov 19

Let's see if I remember where everyone is…

Erich and Artemis are riding through Arden working their way back to the Valley of Garnath

Paul and Stephen are receiving kudos for the successful defense of Begma with Jason… wait, where did Jason go?

Kate is heading into Amber, disguised along with Edgar/Heidi and some woodsmen

And Nicole has just abandoned Kate and left for parts unknown

Session 17: November 12

It will have been two weeks since we played — sorry, the cold put me on my back for 4 days!

Here is a quick recap of everyone's starting locations:

Arden:   At Julian's primary encampment in Arden is Kate, Nicole, and Erich along with Artemis, Benjamin, a host of Solars, and a handful of woodsmen.  Also somewhere in Arden is an angry Skeletal Dragon wanting to eat the aforementioned characters

Kartakass:    Jason is rushing out of Kartakass with the unconscious body of Davin slung across his shoulders.  He is heading towards a rendezvous with Callista, Jack/Usil, Johann, and the crew.

Begma: The PC's in Begma find themselves in very different circumstances.  Paul is safely ensconced behind the city walls directing the defenses against the besieging armies.  On the other hand, Stephen finds himself in combat with Kas himself and it is not going well.

Sea Shadow Lanes near Amber: Heidi finds herself losing consciousness under the ocean surface with no air supply.  Highly unlikely she will find this a healthy combination of circumstances.

Session 16: October 29

A Quick recap of everyone's starting locations….

Adira and Aine are in Arden overlooking the forces of Vecna cleaning up the battlefield where the Horseman was defeated.

Cedric is in Begma preparing for the defense of the city against the forces of darkness — Veronica is in Qin doing much the same.

Portia traveled to Begma (you believe) but has not been seen or heard from since she left

Zane is leading a force of Solars to attack the rear of the force assaulting Begma.

Runa is at sea with her fleet at the last known location of Gerard.  She is preparing to hunt ghost ships.

Reed, Usil/Jack, and Callista along with Johann and his gang are about to re-enter Kartakass searching for Davin.

Karakos and Artemis are at a secret (ok, I imagine everyone knows where they are) location preparing for their (not so) secret mission.

Nigel is travelling alone and has been uncharacteristically snippy.

Keyje was last seen on Earth — not that anyone expects him to participate

And Bleys… well, he is either searching for Benedict or traveling with Reed in his Johann disguise — or both (and doesn't that thought kind of ruin Reed's day!).


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