Cedric: Son of Caine


Cedric is 6’ tall, athletically built with black hair and dark eyes.


Cedric is a creator and enjoys designing and making things. It was a passion grounded in his mother’s vineyard. There he learned to grow grapes and the methods of creating many fine wines. He would spend time in the vineyard, sketching and making things – showing a real knack for layouts and organization that would bloom into an appreciation and eventual skill with architecture, engineering and design. Used to getting his hands dirty he learned pottery and moved onto stonework and sculpting. He worked with metals forging tools, making locks and creating jewelry. He built presses and furniture, carved wood and stone and began learning how to empower objects as well. The earliest of that path was the creation of Trump. Seeing each day and moment as an opportunity and searching for inspiration, he was naturally drawn to Tir-na Nog’th. He created his griffin bracer in addition to finely wrought jewelry he wears or has shared with his mother and others. On each hand he wears rings of jade, crafted during his time in Qin. Having successfully made his bracer he braved the climb into Tir-na Nog’th on several occasions, marveling at its wonders.

Cedric approaches each day as a grand adventure. He is stubbornly optimistic, constantly cheerful, sees endless possibilities and desires to create, learn and experience. Cedric sees the successful reign of King Random and Queen Vialle as a sign that things are in a golden age. He believes the dark-side of the family stories are meant to scare gullible kids. Quick with a compliment and slow with an unkind word, it’s hard to get under his skin. Overly inquisitive, hooked by a good mystery or puzzle or inspiration to create, he can be very single-minded and focused. He looks up to Veronica as his big sister and will defend his family willingly.

Cedric: Son of Caine

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