Bleys is the son of Oberon and Clarissa and is the full brother to Brand and [[Fiona]].

Bleys' story is well documented in the writings of [[Corwin]].  

After plotting the overthrow of Amber with his siblings, Bleys attacked Amber with the help of Corwin.  During their ascent up to the city, Bleys was knocked from the side of the mountain to fall to his apparent doom.

Corwin did manage to throw him a deck of Trump — and he clearly survived as he appeared leading a cavalry charge in the final battle of the Patternfall War.  He returned to Amber, bit was clearly not trusted by King Random

Bleys disappeared into shadow shortly before Corwin did, but has recently returned during the recovery of the Sword of Kas in which he participated under the disguise of Johann.

Bleys is the father of Artemis and [[:aine | Aine]]

Following the repair of the Primal Pattern, Bleys has been installed as the King of Amber


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