Brand is the son of Oberon and Clarissa and is the full brother to Bleys and Fiona.

Brand's story is well documented in the writings of Corwin.  

Caine shot Brand through the neck with an arrow during the Patternfall War and Brand fell into the Abyss dragging Deirdre along with him.

Somehow, Brand's body was merged with that of Kas.  He claims that Vecna used an eye-like artifact to join the two together.

After being separated from Kas, his body (with arrow still impaling his neck) fell to the ground where it was recovered by [[:usil | Usil]].  Usil teleported away with the body to points unknown.

Brand reappeared in time to help in the rescue of Martin from Castle Amber.

He attempted to use the Jewel of Judgment to repair the Primal Pattern, but was ambushed by Bleys and Fiona and was stabbed by Karakos before escaping via trump.

His current whereabouts are unknown



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