Gerard is the son of Oberon and Rilga and is the full brother of Caine and Julian.  He is married to Camille and is the father of Karakos and Runa.

He served as co-Admiral of the navy (with Caine) under the reigns of Oberon and Eric.  He served  as Admiral of the Fleet under King Random.

Following the attack by the forces of Dark, Gerard spent a good deal of time fighting a Ghost Fleet, but his flagship has disappeared during the battles and was feared sunk.

Runa reported that she saw Gerard during her brief stay in Rebma.  She describes him as both 'withered' and 'looking like a very old man out in shadow'.

Following the repair of the Primal Pattern, Gerard has returned to Amber as a much weaker very old man.  He now serves as Chancellor of Amber.


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