Julian was the son of Oberon and Rilga and is the full brother of Caine and Gerard.

He served as the Warden of Arden under the rules of Oberon, Eric, and Random.

He was the father of Adira and Keyje.

Julian was beheaded during the attack on Amber by vampiric forces but had been seen afterward by Reed in Arden.  He appeared to have been reanimated as the Headless Horseman.

While hunting down the Unicorn, the Horseman was faced in battle by Zane, Cedric, Runa, Veronica, Nigel, Portia, and a badly wounded Caine.  During the fight, numerous hellhounds and the Nightmarish Morgenstern were felled.  However the Horseman was able to strike down Caine and was facing the wounded Zane and Cedric.  While working to cut them down, the Horseman was impaled from behind by the horn of the Unicorn.

The Essence of the Dark Powers was banished from the Horseman and the corpses of Julian, Morgenstern, and the Hounds were left behind.

Following the repair of the Pattern, Julian's body was entombed upon Mt. Kolvir.


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