The campaign takes place following the completion of the first set of books (the ‘Corwin Saga’).  Character knowledge of events, people, and places can be drawn from these texts.  The characters and events in the second set of books (The ‘Merlin Saga’) are not considered canon and may or may not be shown to exist as the campaign continues forward.

Unfortunately for visitors, the actual action of the campaign is being logged in the Adventure Log under 'Character Secrets'.  The players all contribute diary entries of their perspectives of the action – and I don't feel the need to re-type a summary since they all have access to their diary entries!

-———————- SEASON 1 —————————

Following Amber’s victory in the Patternfall War and the selection of Random as King of Amber by the Unicorn, peace generally held firm.  Chaos suffered from crippling losses during the war and for the most part retreated back into the Courts to lick their wounds.  Conflicts between Chaos and Amber now consist primarily of small independent forces from Chaos clashing with the Frontier Patrols of Benedict.  As the years have gone by, even these conflicts have grown less frequent – many say it is due to the efforts of Dara, Merlin, and Martin.

All present at the selection of Random swore him fealty:

  • Benedict – decided his long absence contributed to events leading to the Patternfall War.  He takes charge of Amber’s forces in the field and continues to this day to guard the frontiers against the periodic forays by the forces of Chaos
  • Bleys — vanished without a trace shortly before Corwin left Amber
  • Caine – lauded as a hero of the War, Caine accepts the role of Lord of all Amber’s forces.  He later becomes Random’s closest adviser following the departure of Corwin
  • Corwin – supported Random openly for several years – then said his goodbyes and left Amber.  He has not been seen since
  • Gerard – Loyally serves Random as the Lord Admiral of Amber’s fleet
  • Julian – continues to serve as the guardian of Arden Wood and as Caine’s second in command
  • Fiona – swore fealty, but friction between her and Random resulted in her quickly absenting herself from Amber.  She is known to reside in a shadow reminiscent of Camelot
  • Florimel – Resides primarily in Amber, although she still regularly visits her residence on shadow Earth.
  • Llewella – returned to Rebma following the war


Other family members from the books that are considered canon:

  • Brand – Dead in the Abyss with Caine’s arrow in his throat
  • Dara – Returned to the Courts after the conclusion of the war
  • Deirdre – Pulled into the Abyss by Brand, assumed Dead
  • Eric – Killed and entombed on Mt Kolvir
  • Martin – swore fealty to his father, and remained in Amber to help with his reign.  Works with Merlin and Dara to maintain the peace between Amber and Chaos.
  • Merlin – refused to swear fealty to either Amber or to the Courts.  He instead opts to serve as an intermediary between the two nations


The presence of Caine, Julian, Gerard, Flora, and Martin in Amber helped Random stabilize his rule.  Contrary to many observers’ expectations, Random (and Queen Vialle) have proven themselves to be very capable rulers.  The years under their rule have proven to be peaceful and prosperous.  Amber and its allies in the Golden Circle have flourished.

Encouraged by the years of prosperity, the royal family grew more open in the sharing of their own families.  Young Princes and Princesses of Amber became regular sites within the castle.  The youngsters were raised as befits royalty with all of the appropriate lessons in statecraft and diplomacy.  In addition, they learned about the arts of war (including the girls!) under the tutelage of Julian (among others), and about the use of Pattern and Shadows from the King himself.  Also, Martin would instruct those who wished in the art of Trump.

As the children grew into their adolescence, they were each fostered for 3 years at a foreign court within the Golden Circle.  And upon reaching their 18th birthdays, amid great celebrations they each walked the pattern for the first time.

-———————- SEASON 2 -———————-

A great deal has transpired since the fall and restoration of Amber under the rule of King Bleys.  In total, 50 years have passed and the young princes and princesses of Season 1 have matured into their adulthood and are respected as Lords of Amber in their own right.

Still, all is not well in the Realm. 

An unpopular mystery cousin appears out of nowhere to assume the mantle of Crown Prince of Amber.

The Golden Circle sits on the brink of war as Barataria and Ulfberht prepare to battle over Piracy concerns and Yanina prepares for war with Qin over the assassination of their Royal Heir.

Saboteurs plague the newly vibrant County of Bayle.  

Infighting among the Regents threatens the stability of the Government.

Chaos Lords are living openly in the Realm itself as a marriage contract is enforced.

And of course there is still the questions unanswered from the Dark Incursion… where did the Hand of Vecna disappear to?  What happened to Soth/Eric?  And of course, did Vecna and Deirdre really die when the pattern was repaired?

And finally, the King has absented himself from Amber on 'personal business'… what can go wrong with that?


The Darkest Days

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