The Darkest Days

Season 2 Episode 17

Karakos just received a very interesting offer from Duchess Ygrette

Aine is trying to get an interview with the Druids

Adira is keeping interesting company at the Inuis plateau

Cedric plans to investigate Chevalieux with Bartholomew

And where are Zane and Runa?

Season 2 - Episode 16
Suddenly Everyone is Interested in the Stones

Cedric and Sylvia begin to explore the new Earth

Karakos and Whyte are still doing their jobs in Chaos

Adira and Jack begin moving with purpose toward a goal

Aine has received her instruction from Fiona

Season 2 - Session 15
It's a Good Stuff Session!

Several characters have disappeared to an unknown fate and fresh new faces are about to make the scene.

Now that Adira and Jack are back together, what deviltry is in store?

Cedric's aggressive tactics to gain an invitation to meet with the Unicorn have resulted in (perhaps) difficult instructions

What are Aine's plans after her success with the stone – and where did Vp and Nigel go?

And what lies in store for Karakos as he resists acclimating to The Courts and their denizens?

Season 2 - Session 13

Off to Planet Corwin!  Adira faces a big decision!  Karakos is flabbergasted!  All Aine got was a rock!  And Cedric may be heading to Zero-Point Character Land!


Season 2 - Session 12
It's a Good Stuff Session!
Season 2 - Session 11
Off to stick a fork into the power outlet!

Everyone – I am sorry for the abrupt cancellation of Sunday's session.  I hope that everyone enjoyed a night off.

As compensation for the abrupt cancellation, I am awarding everyone a substantial reward:

Every player can submit the name of ONE character and ONE statistic — I will let you know if your character is better/equal/worse that that character in that statistic.

Example: If Jason submitted the name 'Bleys' and 'Warfare' — I would (potentially) let him know that he is not as good as Bleys in Warfare (I don't believe any secrets were revealed in this example!)

You can name ANY character (PC or NPC)

Submissions must be made by Thursday for processing – so those few of you that wait until late to get your entries in should take a few seconds to get this in early!

Season 2: Session 10

And the fun continues!  

A Family Meeting… Karakos' adventure in the Forest of No Return… Runa the University Tease and more!

Season 2 - Session 9
It's a Good Stuff Session!

A friendly reminder to everyone to get their diaries (and Bleys conversations) submitted!


Season 2 - Session 8

As a reminder to all – we will not be gaming on September 2!  See you all on the 9th!


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