The Darkest Days

Season 2 - Session 6

We begin with a Council of War gathering in ThebesGerard taking command upon the waves — and Adira stands on the outskirts of a very familiar-looking prison.

Season 2 - Session 5

A whole lot of you are hunting Driders in Arden….  Runa sounds the retreat on the waves…. and no one knows exactly what Adira is doing!

Season 2 - Session 4

A face-to-face confrontation with hostile chaos lords — a tumultuous High Council meeting — chaotic Naval battles featuring an imposter Commodore — Driders hunting Arden woodsmen — and the murder of a key member of Qin's command structure….

I guess that things could be worse

Season 2 - Session 3

War has officially broken out, Curt has been taken, a beholder is running amok in Arden, and the Weir have mysteriously disappeared…. what else could go wrong?!?

Season 2 - Session 2

The Golden Circle is falling apart and Chaos Lords appear to be running amok in Bayle.

The Council is fractured and the King is absent


Season 2 -- Birthrights
Session 1

Season 2 is Officially Scheduled to kick off This Sunday!

I will plan to arrive at approx. 8:00 PM as usual with the intention of beginning with whomever has arrived at 8:30.  (I know Erich will be running late)

Please remember for the second session that all characters have committed to providing diary entries (unless you want to forfeit the 10 points!) that must be turned in prior to the following session.

In Between Season Update - Bonus Available!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for wrapping up the wedding conversations by yesterday!  I know that it was a bit of an imposition for some of you and I want to make sure you are all aware of how much I appreciate it!

Today is my first day back in the office catching up on e mail since Friday, so I am digging through a bit of a mountain of information – both Amber and work related!  It is going to take me some time to get organized and send out meaningful e mails. 

While I do that… let's play a game!  Everyone should guess the number of Amber E Mails I received between Friday at 2:00 PM and Tuesday at 8:00 PM.  Guesses should be submitted via e mail and should be submitted before Monday April 2 at 10:00 AM.

The player that guesses closest to the correct number of e mails will receive 2 Bonus Good Stuff!  In the event that there is a tie, all winners will receive 1 Bonus Good Stuff instead!

The winner(s) will be announce on Monday April 2!

Happy Easter Everyone!


Congratulations to Nicole who wins the Bonus 2 points of Good Stuff with her guess of 70 E Mails!

The correct number of e mails was 67!  Thanks to everyone for playing!

Season Finale: 2/4

Thank you all for the kind words regarding season 1 — I am sure that if nothing else, you will find season 2 a little less dark and creepy!

Please remember that the final diary entries (for everyone except Jason) are due NO LATER than Sunday 2/11.  I am sure that everyone would like to keep the 10 bonus points going into next season!

Session 24: January 28

I imagine something exciting will happen during this session — we certainly left it in an exciting place!

Erich, Jason, and Heidi are clambering down the slopes toward the cave (and possibly Wixer!)

Paul is racing down the slope following Brand (and the jewel!) towards the start of the primal pattern.  Farther up the slope, Nicole, Artemis, and Jack stand ready to intercept the 'forest spirit' Phais as she charges towards Brand.  Kate and Stephen also stand on that side of the mountain.

Down below, Vecna has seen Brand and Paul….

Session 23: January 21
3 sessions left until the break!

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