Karakos: Son of Gerard

Former Ambassador to House Swayville; Former Interim Admiral of the Navy; Former Ambassador to Fey


6’ tall
190 pounds
Black hair – grown longer than ever before (shoulder length)
beard shaved down to goatee (another change)
silver rapier on belt
silvered chain shirt
Ruby earring in left ear
Purple cloak
Purple breeches
Red tunic
Black knee high boots
Ruby signet ring on right hand
Dagger on black belt


Among the many juicy rumors regarding Karakos’ exploits in the lower city is the story of the buxom barmaid who bore his child – both of which were spirited quickly out of Amber!

Blood Beast
A small, blood-red, winged lizard created out of Karakos’ blood has appeared to accompany him

Karakos: Son of Gerard

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