Zane: Son of Florimel

Diplomat Prince of Amber - Regent of Weirmonken


A friendly guy with savoir faire who slides into any social situation with ease and is always dressed appropriately for the occasion. He’s gregarious, and outgoing with obvious ‘Joie de vivre’. It’s not unusual for him to be out “partying” or bar hopping with a group of friends or entertaining some dignitaries or a young lady. Or a picnic or a day at the beach or hiking, etc. Some might even view him as a playboy or ‘Don Juan’.


Born as the son of Florimel and Jonathan LaPaglia (from shadow), Zane was raised in Amber with all the benefits befitting a Prince of Amber. He was fostered in Cibola (the city of Gold) and walked the Pattern on his 18th birthday as did his other cousins. As usual he spent some time in shadow learning the benefits of his birthright. During the Dark War, Zane worked with many of his cousins to lead armies in the defense of Begma and Qin and ultimately to help retake Amber itself. Recently named the Regent of Weirmonken to help bring the rogue regency back under control.

Zane: Son of Florimel

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