The bards of Avon make great dramas from the feuds of these warring city-states. Aspiring member of Amber's trade network.

While they are known throughout the region for their Arts, the Avonites are not known for their prowess at arms.

Avon is the very apex of civilization. There is no element of life in Avon which is not a reflection of art. Even the humblest of food or domain has some spark of creativity and color to it. The true measure of the success of a society, as the Avonites would have us think, is to provide means enough that each man may pursue the calling of his heart.

On one hand, this makes Avon a hub of artistic learning. Painting, sculpture, music, writing and every other art you can imagine is pursued to the most glorious of heights in the halls of the collegia of Avon. On the other hand, it produces a culture full of insecure snobs and drama queens, desperate for recognition for their latest masterpiece. Still, the one thing it will never be is boring.


Avon strongly opposed the aggressive actions of Amber, Qin, and Ulfberht against Yanina and Barataria.  A strong separatist movement has formed to begin a withdrawal from the Golden Circle


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