Nicolas Chantris

Duke Nicolas Chantris is the current head of the powerful House Chantris.  The younger son of the previous Duke (Darius) and his first wife, he attained the Duchy when his Father and elder brother both lost their lives fighting against the Moonriders of Ghenesh.  He has loyally server Amber as Duke for almost 100 years.

Nicolas is a tall, strong man who never expected to be made Duke.  In the passing decades, he has refused to shed his youthful exuberance for the more stately bearing of court nobility.  He is, however, an expert in the breeding and raising of horses.


As expected of any Duke, Nicolas wed quickly upon being vested with his Duchy.  He married Deborah Feldane, a distant cousin of the then Duke Feldane.  Nicolas and his wife have been blessed with three daughters and two sons.



Nicolas Chantris

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